Happy 2011!

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NYE is always a tough thing to plan. All these expectations surround it. It’s gotta be big! A you’ve gotta get wasted! It’s gotta be EPIC!! And to celebrate it in another country? Forget about it. Then there’s a whole new level of pressure. I’m glad to say mine was super fun and filled with fireworks!

I had met Mark and Dana the day before at dinner, my friend Anna from Sweden was couchsurfing with them. Then randomly I ran into her at the Botanical Gardens that day and she asked what my plans were. Which at that point were zilch. So she offered to have me come over for dinner and then we could head to the square for the concert/fireworks. Awesome, I’m totally down for that!

The food was super and all-american: steak and corn on the cob. Mmmmmmmmmm tasty goodness. Grabbing a couple of beers for the walk, we headed downtown. The party was in full swing and the band was pretty decent. They were called Studio 54 and I was in LOVE with the lead singer. She was fabulous!

Here she is!

Then they had a duo come on, which we think were brothers. We missed the introduction. Oops! The boys were maybe 12 or 14 years old and they were amazingly talented. Plus the older one looked exactly like Shawn White! Which I then had to explain who Shawn White was to everyone. Evidently I watch too much Winter X-Games. Who knew?

Then the big countdown came and it was 2011!! Fireworks time!!

It was a little strange to be celebrating first in the world. Normally all day you get updates from Paris or London or NY. It was kinda sweet to be first! Happy 2011 to all back home, the future looks perfect from here!


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