Good beer? Just get naked!

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Fitzroy is an amazing suburb right outside of downtown Melbourne. It’s laid back and artsy, no more apparent than with this bar: Naked for Satan.

Check out their website for full info on how the name came to be.

It’s an awesome bar with a fabulous interior. All you want to do is sit back and have a ball.

And the best part? They have real beer! Honest to god tasty flavorful beer!

Look! It's an IPA! I had forgotten what you tasted like!

Plus they’re the most trusting of drunk people. You have all of these fingerfoods at the counter called pintxos. You don’t have to pay for them until you’re ready to leave. All you do is keep each toothpick from the food and then they count them and tell you how much you owe. But it’s all based on the honor system, a rarity in the states. It’s pretty sweet and the food is awesome and cheap! 50 cents!!

Hoppy beer, tasty food, and fabulous lighting. All in all a pretty perfect bar.


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  1. Emily says:

    Love it!!! Naked for Satan? Sounds like a perfect name to me. Glad you FINALLY found some good beer!

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