Death Hill + Penguins

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Next time I will believe the i-site lady. Next time I will wear more layers. Next time I will bring more snacks!

Oamaru is home to two different wild penguin colonies: the yellow-eyed and the blue penguin. The yellow-eyed come in from the ocean about two hours before sunset. I decided to head there first. I had asked the i-site lady if it was possible to walk. There was a tour that took you there but walking would be free! And that’s always exciting. She said sure it was possible to walk, but it would take about 40 mins. Pssshhh no biggie. And there would be quite a hill. Pssshhhh hills are for wussies. I could handle it.

She did not lie. This was one monster hill. Straight up the mountain. No stopping. No slacking. I cursed it several times which made me feel better.

Look now it’s even so steep you can’t see the rest of it!

Finally you reach the top of death march hill and the road actually becomes quite nice. It’s still another 30 mins walk and still up-hill but it’s really pretty. And it’s always nice to be walking which means you can stop all the time for photos!

Then you reach the nesting ground for the yellow-eyed penguins which is a beach way way below our cliff. Then began the difficult part of distinguishing the penguins from the sea kelp. From the far up, it was extremely hard! I spotted a total of 3 come ashore, a tad disappointing. You had to keep reminding yourself that it was wild nature and did not prescribe to a timeline. Where’s Shamu when you need him?!

Still they were super cute coming up out of the surf and waddling down the beach. Since they had finished up so early in the evening I decided to head down to check out the Blue Penguin colony. The opportune word: down!


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