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Whale-chasing, not whale-watching. That’s what they should call this game. Here’s how it works:

  1. Since they have boats running all day, they know when a particular whale started it’s dive and approx how long it will be down there.
  2. They drive the boat out into the ocean and stop over where the dive started.
  3. Then they lower a microphone into the water to try and locate the whale.
  4. Using the sonar from the whale, they can better determine where it will surface.
  5. The whale doesn’t make any active sonar noises when it’s going to surface, so that’s what they’re listening for.
  6. Then they race over to the whale spot and we wait for him to come up! It’s pretty neat!

While we were heading out, some dolphins came and played around the boat. They’re so stinking cute! Every time they would stop the boat to let us look around but then we would have to rush back inside, so that we could race at top speed to another spot for whale-hunting.

There he is!

The great Sperm Whale looks like a submarine. An he just kinda hangs out up top for about 15 minutes. Breathing. Soaking up oxygen. Driving the people crazy on the boat who want a better picture. I seriously had about 50 photos that looked exactly like this one. But then the guides start yelling,”TAIL TIME!” That’s when they’re about to dive and you can get a great shot of their tail going into the water.

And there he goes!

Since we had gotten so lucky at spotting a whale so fast in our trip, the guides headed out to try and find another one for us. And they did! They’re very good at their jobs. Well I suppose they have to be, since they offer an 80% reward if you don’t see any whales on your journey. Pressure, I eat it for breakfast!

Thar she blows! Second whale of the day!

Well not really she. They’re all males. Hangin out, bulkin up to entice the females. Ooooooooooooo.

And a second great tail shot.

After that, it was time to head back to the mainland. And time to try very, very, very hard to ignore all the yakin going on around me. In a boat of about 30 people, at least 10 were in bad shape. It was a frightening sight. I had no idea I had such an iron-clad stomach. I should have been a pirate! Yes!


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