Where are Dean and Sam when you need them?

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Wai-O-Tapu, I still have no idea how to pronounce it but it is super spiffy. A geothermal volcanic area south of Rotorua, it has some of the most colorful features.

Now that I have wheels, yay!, I could get out to see some of the more remote areas. I headed out here first thing in the morning. Now Wai-o-Tapu has the Lady Knox Geyser that erupts every morning at 10:15. I voted to skip visiting the geyser and head straight into the park. I know, I know I should have seen it but I’ve seen Old Faithful. And that goes off every hour. Who needs another geyser. plus this way I had the whole park to myself since everyone else was at the viewing. Go me.

Now this place smelled. Really smelled like you had just ventured into hell itself. Needed those Winchester brothers.

A most effective sign.

The famous Champagne Pool.

Bubbling like champagne!

Cool yet creepy.

The nice thing about taking your own photo is that you can take as many as you want until you’re satisfied. Here’s a nice one of me at the green pool.

Thought this was a super green pool...

...until I saw this one.

Then on my out past the Champagne Pool the winds changed and this happened.

Ummmmm where's the path?

I tried to keep walking but eventually couldn’t see more than a few inches in front of my face. Afraid of walking into the boiling pools I just stood still for a few minutes. Which was good, cause when it finally cleared I was a foot away from the edge. Eek!

As I walked out the crowds were descending from the geyser show. Excellent timing!


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  1. Emily says:

    You left the Winchester brothers back in the closet with the rest of the men we kept in there. Duh! Who knew you’d need them in NZ? The title of this post made me giggle. And then start singing “Eye of the Tiger”. Thought I would share

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