Volcano = Big Hill

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Auckland is full of volcanoes. Tons of them actually. The whole damn city is basically a volcano. We went hiking a few of them the other day.

One of the is called One Tree Hill. Sadly there is no tree anymore. Evidently an activist cut it down over several tries. First time I’ve heard of an activist cutting down trees and not chaining themselves to one.

Now it has a big obelisk.

Second one was called Mt. Wellington. It was pretty and that’s about it. Basically a big hill that you hiked around.

It did come with pretty views. And this one had a tree!

I think I’m only happy with volcanoes that have lava. This one just had a few rocks in the center. No lava. No magma. Sad panda.

See? Tiny pile of rocks.

But I did get a nice shot of me at the top! I was all for sliding down it. If only I had a sled.


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  1. Mom says:

    she’s beautiful!!! i’m talking about the girl, not the volcano!!

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