To Zorb or not to Zorb

Rotorua is the birthplace of a fabulous invention called the Zorb. Which basically consists of jumping into a gigantic hamster ball and rolling downhill. I think the process went something like this:

“Hey let’s roll this ball down the hill!
Now let’s send it down a crooked course!
Dude! Let’s fill it with WATER and then roll down the hill! Sweet as!”

The New Zealand brain is a marvelous thing. So I decided to give this a try at the original home of the Zorb and I went with the Hydro option. Cause you know the american way: Go big or go home! To enter the ball, there’s an orange section that goes through to the inside of the ball. They unzip it and then tell you to superman jump inside. Which basically consists of you jumping halfway in and then having to wiggle around until you fall face-firstĀ  into the water. It’s extremely graceful I can promise.

Here's the ball! Filled with me and a bucket of water!
Still rollin, rollin, rollin....

Watching it before hand it looks completely tame and REALLY slow. I can tell you from inside the ball? Completely different story! I had no idea which way was up or downhill. You don’t actually go upside down, the water inside keeps you sliding around in the bottom. But since I took the winding path it really tosses you around in there. At one point I realized that I was going backwards but couldn’t figure out how to do anything about it!

Once you reach the bottom, you kindof just bounce around the landing zone for awhile. Until the main guy manages to catch you and get you to stop. To exit the ball, they open the hole again and then you just drop onto the floor. Graceful again! I tell you, I made some great impressions while I was there.

Oops, now I'm going the other way...

Once you’re done they get you to pose with your catcher with a great jump shot!

It takes them about 15 minutes to process the photos from your trip, so I waited around watching others go down. While I was haning out, the same guy came up and asked if I’d like to take a dry run down. Sure, I’m all for a free ride! It wasn’t until I was at the top that I figured out that it wasn’t the same ride I just had completed but only dry. No this one was the astro adventures. Where they strap you into the side of the ball and then send you head over heels down the hill.

Not willing to be the chicken-shit girl that backed down, I strapped myself in and off we went! Holy god, that will make you dizzy. By the time I got to the bottom all I wanted was for the ride to stop. Ughface, dizzycity. They had you jump again but it wasn’t pretty. I didn’t buy those photos. Still, a kick-ass afternoon spent being a human bowling ball!

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