The one and only Milford Sound

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In rains here quite a bit. Like all the time. Way way too much and most of the time we’re annoyed at it. It ruins our plans and cancels our trips and all in all it’s obnoxious. But in the case of Milford Sound it was the best thing that could have happened according to our guide. Milford has 3 waterfalls permanently. Only 3! The rest appear during heavy rain and when it’s been raining for days, it’s can be fantastic! There were areas called the Valley of 1000 Waterfalls and on that day there might have been that many.

It was awe-inspiring.

We spend most of our time on the deck to get the best photos, which means that we were soaked through about 5 minutes after we stepped out. But it was well worth it. We spotted some seals running away from the turblant seas.

And when the boat backed up the waterfalls you could feel the awesome power of them pushing you backwards.

Pontus in his steady photographers stance.

The boat rocked quite a lot and it took some getting used to. then of course the boys started jumping when the boat went up on a wave so that they felt like they were flying before the boat came back down. Just waiting for one of them to go flying overboard, but magically we all made it out alive. If dripping wet.

But with the rain came the amazing views, so for once we were thankful for it!


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    that is amazing!!! so, so proud of you!!!

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