My insane 19hr journey to Queenstown

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I made friends with some Swedes during my Epic Lost World Caving Extravaganza (I just felt like capitalizing everything in that statement to make it seem more powerful). They were going to be in Queenstown for Christmas and had invited me down to join them. We had all agreed that it was extremely difficult to celebrate Christmas while it was so warm out, we thought that maybe together we could pull it off. That and we all wanted to go bungy jumping! So I left super early from Rotorua and set out on the crazy roadtrip!

It rained pretty much for the first half of the trip which made for not so much fun. Plus it wrecked havoc on my picture taking, which is obviously more important than water for crops! But it occasionally would clear and then I could get some great shots of the landscape.

Like this one! Yay for sunshine!

I love whenever there's a hill covered in sheep. Loads of little white dots!

Eventually I wound my way down to Wellington and the ferry to Picton on the south island. Thank god cause I needed a break! I’d never taken a car across a ferry ride and this one was an experience. You drive across a super rickety bridge in the pouring rain, praying that it holds your car and that you don’t drive off the side. Eek! Then you just park your car wherever the guys in bright yellow tell you and hope out of the car. Well not really hop since you’re crammed in like sardines. I had to get out of the passenger side, which made me giggle since it would have been the drivers side back home. Silly British colonies! Then you climb up the stairs into the massive ferry boat and sail across the sea. Takes about 3 hours, and I spent most of that curled up on the floor sleeping! But I did manage to get some good shots.

Look there's my car! The red one of the far left!

And there's Wellington. Wave bye!

Once we landed in Picton we had to all climb back into our cars in the pouring rain and wait to get off the ferry. Since I had been one of the last on, you had to be one of the last off. But it gave my pretty car time to warm up and therefor warm ME up. Cause dude, it was cold. Then it was time to get back on the road. It rained again pretty much all the way to Christchurch so sadly no photos of that section. Boo rain!

But then out came the sun again!

The south island is truly beautiful.

And there were more sheepies!

And a rainbow! Woot!

And a bombdiggity sunset at Lake Tikapo.

I might have actually stopped before I got to Queenstown since it basically was pitch black from this point on. But I was out in BFE NZ which is uber nowhereville. So it was music cranked and windows down and balls to the wall until I got into Queenstown. I think it’s the longest straight road trip I’ve ever taken by myself but the roads here help so much. It’s all backwoods and curves which help keep you awake. No death drive through Kansas this time!


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