Boring history or how I lost my mind

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The Buried Village: destroyed in a crazy volcanic eruption long time ago. The Buried Village: boring as hell.

I tried mom, I tried really hard to get into the history of this place. But they are brilliant at advertising, meaning that they lied about everything. It’s supposed to be this amazing excavated site. It’s not. It has all these plaques telling you what used to be here before the volcano came and squished it all.

This was the only cool thing. I did try mom!

Ok it had one other redeeming quality. It had an awesome waterfall, and knowing how some people feel about waterfalls I went to go find it.

Here's the start of it.

And wham-o! Waterfall!

Hi mom! Found you a waterfall!

I decided since the Buried Village was such a bust, I’d stop at the Redwood Forest on my way back into town. It’s made of up California Redwoods. Yes I understand the irony of going to NZ to walk through a forest we have back home. Hush.

They're still awesome no matter where they are.

Eek. It's a tree-hugger!

Now this is where the trouble started. There’s a trail that just goes through the redwoods for about 30 mins. Or there’s a trail that hikes up to the quarry and gives a better view of the area. It takes 1.5 hours. I figured since I had been such a bad sport about my last stop that I would do the longer trek. Get a workout in. See some vegetation. Hate my life and all my decision making skills.

This is what the trail looked like for a solid hour. Straight up the volcano. No stopping. No easy parts. Just. Straight. Up.

This was the most beautiful sight of the day. It shows the green trail, the one I’m currently despising, going downhill to the left. The black and pink trails for the masochists continues upward. Hooray! I almost kissed this sign I was so happy.

Enjoy the view, cause I hiked a lot to get it for you.

From there everything was downhill, my new favorite way to walk. No longer cursing my brain I did get some sweet shots of the trees.

The happy path out of the forest. You’re so pretty and more importantly, downhill.

Sorry the Buried Village did have one other fun thing, a super awesome telephone booth.

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