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Nov 05, 2010 3 Comments by

Searching for a travel credit card is one big freakin hassle. They all are basically the same, offering some sort of mile bonus when you sign up, supposed no-blackout dates (which we all know is a lie), etc, etc. I knew I at least needed some card that offered miles because if I’m buying a ticket to New Zealand, that’s more miles than most people rack up in a year!

Anyways, I believe I finally found one that stands out. The Venture Card from Capital One. You earn 2 points per dollar spent on anything, unlimited. Which is sweet. Not as many bonus miles on sign up, but this was ultimately the kicker: no fees for foreign transactions! Since I will basically only be using it overseas this was a HUGE bonus. Hopefully it will be easy to use for cashing in points but at this point I’m a happy camper. Which is always the goal. One thing down, 12 million to go.

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  1. Andy says:

    Capital One is also the only US credit card that does not charge you a fee for transactions in another currency. Other cards bill you up to 3%.

  2. Jaime says:

    Capital One is also the only US credit card that reports whatever your current balance is as your credit limit on your credit report. So, if your balance is $2000 and your limit is $1500, it actually shows up as $2000 limit which makes anyone pulling your credit report think that your card is maxed out.

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