Drinks all around!

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I love weddings! Or at least, I love the open bar. And the getting dressed up. Although that might be slightly more complicated this time.

My first weekend in New Zealand will be spent encompassed in a Hindu wedding. Never been to a Hindu wedding before. I’m going with Chris, a guy I’m staying with in Auckland. It’s his friend’s wedding and he thought it would be pretty sweet to take me along. I completely agreed! However this is how the convo went down:

Me: Hey that’s awesome, thanks. A random question, what’s the dress code for this shindig?

Chris: I’m not sure. Prob casual dress. Standard wedding attire.

Me: Fabulous! I was worried that it would be traditional dress and I would need a sari or something.

Chris: Damn, you’re a mind reader! It is traditional dress!

Good to know that boys, no matter where they are from, never think about what a girl has to wear.

Eek! Now I don’t have a sari nor do I have any idea how to tie one on. Thankfully, he’s in listing a girl friend of his to help with the loaning and the dressing.

I’m hoping it looks something like this:

Don't you love my fabulous hair? And gorgeous skin?

And not something like this:


Pray to the wedding gods for me. Pretty please. My belly begs you.


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